Why Did No One Tell California Drivers About This New Rule?

Did you know that a low mileage driver in Los Angeles can save up to 30% on car insurance than high mileage drivers? If you are planning to renew your car insurance, do not proceed until you read this. For years many California drivers have likely overpaid on their car insurance.

If you drive less than 50 miles/day and live in a qualified zip code you can get an extremely high discount. This is the one simple truth your car insurance company doesn’t want you to know. Additionally, if you have no DUI’s, you can get even more discounts.

ComScore’s 2012 US Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report suggests that people shopping for car insurance should take advantage of secure quote comparison systems like Now Insurance.

You can enter the zip code and driver information at our free quote form and get the cheapest premium plans easily. Using our comparison tool, you can save up to 45% with rates as low as $29/month.

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So how to get the cheapest car insurance near you? When purchasing car insurance, it is always recommended to shop around and check out rates at different insurance companies. Now Insurance allows you to compare insurance premiums from 200+ top-rated insurance companies who serve in your area. Anyone interested in saving money on car insurance can check out Free Quote on top. Enter your zip code, fill driver details and our system will search for available rates and discounts in your area.

One Simple Rule

The one simple rule is to never buy car insurance for any of your vehicles without comparing prices with a variety of companies. Most importantly, the prices should come from an unbiased source. Now Insurance is a quote comparison system that helps you achieve this goal and provides you with the lowest possible rate. Drivers are able to save up to 50% per year on car insurance.

Available Discounts

If you are a safe driver with a clean driving record, you could qualify for a variety of car insurance discounts. There are common discounts that insurance companies are open about, such as:

  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Decreasing premiums after the age of 25
  • Driving less than 50 miles per day on average could possibly provide huge discounts depending on where you live.
  • If you have no DUI’s on your driving record, you could receive additional discounts.

There are so many money-saving tricks that it would be difficult to search for them all on your own. You can benefit from all the various discounts out there by simply entering your zip code on our unbiased quote comparison system.

Get Free Car Insurance Quote

Compare quotes from best insurance companies in 90 seconds.

Current Coverage

Many people are saying “Well, I’ve already paid for my car insurance policy through the next six months.” Another benefit to you that car insurance companies like to keep secret is that you are never locked into your current policy. If you have already paid your car insurance policy, you can simply cancel with your current insurance company and request a refund of the unused balance. Cancel your current overpriced car insurance policy and begin saving money immediately.

Benefits of Technology

By using an unbiased online quote comparison system, you are able to find the best deal for you. An agent makes money based on commissions. Agents will also charge you fees for finding you the “lowest price”. The only intention of technology like Now Insurance is to save you money. By entering your zip code and driver details at Free Quote Form, you can receive quotes from multiple car insurance companies simultaneously. There are no hidden fees or commissions, saving customers an average of 45% per year.

You might not be able to get back all the money that you could have saved, but you can prevent yourself from overpaying on car insurance in the future. Do your homework and get your own answers. Choose an unbiased source for quote comparison. Check out Now Insurance and see how much you can save.

This article aims to advise the public that comparing rates is one of the best ways that you can save money on car insurance. No matter what city, state or zip code you live in you can compare rates and get free quotes. If you truly want to find the best rate and save on car insurance then follow our advice or “rule” to compare rates. Here are links to two surveys that demonstrate the importance of comparing rates and how applying this “rule” in any state, city or zip code can help drivers save 32% and $368 per year. A new survey found that the #1 reason people switch is that they found a cheaper rate.

Click Here for Survey. A second survey that analyzed car insurance quotes for 1,000 zip codes across the U.S. found that within a given zip code, rates vary by 154% on average, allowing drivers to find an average of 32% and $368 per year in savings. Click Here For Survey.

Get Free Car Insurance Quote

Compare quotes from best insurance companies in 90 seconds.

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