The Hartford Insurance – Pros and Cons

The Hartford has a long and honorable history as an insurance provider in the United States. The company was incorporated as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company in Connecticut all the way back in 1810. With such an extensive past, it is no surprise that they have earned a reputation as a solid provider of insurance, thereby garnering loyalty from their customers. The Hartford online has been the place to go on the Internet to sign up for insurance and to find further information on desired products. When visitors peruse the Hartford online sign in page they will notice links to all of the products sold on The Hartford Online. They offer individual and family policies for home and auto insurance as well as Group Life and Disability and an opportunity to learn more about investing in Mutual Funds or a 529 College Savings Plan.

The Hartford’s past parallels the history of the of the United States. After all, they have been a solid presence in the country since barely fifty years after its independence from England. After the Great Chicago Fire 0f 1871, the led Hartford paying out an unprecedented 2 million dollars to the victims and the families of the victims. In 2008 Ethisphere named The Hartford one of the Most Ethical Companies. The Hartford online site reveals the importance of a reputation for being ethical. The Hartford Financial Services Group has seen a profit advance of 32% in the third quarter of 2014.

The Hartford online sign in introduces the products that the company offers to customers. Without even logging in to the page, visitors can find out about Hartford’s automobile and homeowners insurance programs as well as short and long term disability options and the death/dismemberment policy to go along with the different types of life insurance offered. While it is simple to say that Hartford offers the best option in insurance among all the other companies, it is important to note that the company has been providing homeowner and automobile insurance to AARP for almost 30 years. This kind of show of confidence from a major organization like the American Association of Retired Persons doesn’t simply manifest but mucst be earned.

The Hartford online sign in: Logging into your Account

In order to log into your Hartford online account you must visit the homepage and click on Account Login. Choose the appropriate subtopic, whether it is Individuals & Families or Business. Choose Auto & Home if you are trying to log into a home or car insurance policy. Clicking on the correct link should take you to the Customer Service Center and the Hartford sign in. If you haven’t been on the page before you will have to create an account, which will likely ask for personal information including your policy number if you have one. Once you log on to the Hartford online page you will be able to make a payment, view or print a document, update your preferences or manage your claims.

The Pros and Cons of The Hartford Insurance coverage

As insurance policies go, reputation is an important part of determining whether to take a risk with a particular company, and The Hartford definitely has the positive reputation to warrant a leap of faith. Its long history of customer satisfaction and solid A financial rating give customers another reason to try them out. They are encouraging environmentalism by offering a discount for those who are driving hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Of course a small discount in one area doesn’t make up for a lack of discounts in other areas like loyalty perks and military discounts. This is a small inconvenience to most, however.

The advantage of being a part of an established insurance company like The Hartford comes through in other ways. Visiting The Hartford online people are quick to find out that the company is a founding sponsor of the United States Paralympics, a unique organization that serves as a branch group of the Olympics for those with physical disabilities.

The Hartford login provides customers a chance to be involved directly in their insurance policy, paying premiums over the computer and printing out documents or ID cards from the security of their own home. As far as the products themselves, The Hartford offers some extra perks that only established and financially well-endowed companies can offer, such as the New Car Replacement feature, which offers customers a new vehicle (of the same make/model) if it is totaled within the first 15,000 miles or 15 months. A possible trade-off for these extra perks, however, is the feeling of being lost in a huge, impersonal organization.

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