Progressive Auto Insurance Review


  • Progressive is one of top auto insurance provider with 11.18% market share.
  • Progressive has a direct model which means lower premiums.
  • Lower Compaint index ratio (only 0.40 compared to national average).

The Basics of Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance Corporation is one of the largest insurers in the U.S. Over 10 million people have Progressive as their insurance company. Joseph Lewis and Jack Green founded the Progressive Insurance Company in 1937. However, Progressive’s true growth came with the implementation of Progressive Online.

The company has long been an innovator in the insurance industry. A very wide range of insurance products is available by going to the Progressive online site and using the Progressive login service. Their online presence is combined with Progressive login services affords customers an easy way to access their personal policy information. Progressive login is also a step stone to negotiate, buy, add, or get simple information about Progressive products and services. Progressive’s sign in ease is a leader in the online insurance world.

Pros of Progressive Insurance

Progressive Log in Ease
Progressive online customers are the recipients of many plusses. As a policyholder, the Progressive log in is easy and takes you to your insurance home/dashboard. With additional Progressive express sign in, patrons can view policy information, bundle information, get a new quote, or explore other services. With the Progressive comparison tool, one can also view the competitors’ rates side by side in real time. Progressive online has the many unique aspects. No other insurance company allows the ability to compare rates with other insurance companies by simply using the Progressive sign in.

Also on the pro list after the effortless Progressive express sign in, policyholders are able to access 24/7 customer service and claims service once the use the Progressive login. (They also offer a 24/7 toll free number.) At Progressive online, you can handle a claim, schedule auto repairs, and have the repairs completed. Progressive handles all the paperwork in an efficient manner. If the auto claim is a total loss, they offer assistance in finding a replacement and help finding financing if that is necessary. You can also handle other claims, such as, homeowners, renters, and the rest of the policies insurers have, in an easy online format.

Progressive Insurance offers the “MyRate” program, which allows drivers to add extra discounts to their policies by driving safely. The easy Progressive online enrollment awards drivers discounts from 5% to 40% off their insurance premiums, depending upon the state they reside in. The program uses a tracking device, cable, and software to implement the savings in the MyRate program. Statistics are always readily available by using the Progressive login process. It is free to sign up and begin using the device.

Another small pro that is of great import to many of its insureds is that Progressive online and claims will offer a free $1000 pet coverage if their furry friend is injured during an auto accident.

Cons of Progressive Insurance

One very interesting fact for a business that has the longevity and marketplace presence such as Progressive online, they do not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Many buyers that make purchases online rely heavily on the BBB when basing their decisions. Another negative is that business customers will not find much coverage for their insurance needs. They do however, have commercial automobile policies are offered by Progressive. It is easy to track a business’s expenses using the Progressive online sign in page.

The MyRate Program at Progressive online has several disadvantages. Some policyholders find it intrusive. It tracks private driving habits, when, and where you travel. Conspiracy theorists view this as another “Big Brother” is watching tactic. Policyholders that use the Progressive log in do not know their savings amount prior to beginning the program, because the data can only be analyzed after submitting the initial data. In addition, some states do not prevent increases in Progressive’s insurance rates, to those it considers high-risk after submitting the trackers data.

Signing In To Purchase Insurance

The Progressive sign in process asks the basic information; zip code and what you wish to insure information. The choices of the type of insurance quote one is seeking include; auto, motorcycle/ATV, boat/PWC, motor home, travel trailer, snowmobile, commercial auto, homeowners, condominium, renters, and mobile home.

After using the Progressive log in for basic information such as an insurance quote, the Progressive online site asks if you want to bundle a quote for lower rates. Upon entering the details of the insured property, quotes are generated and you can make additional inquiries.

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