Nationwide Insurance – Pros and Cons

Most people have seen the new Nationwide Insurance TV commercials. Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, hums and creates his own words to the tune of the Nationwide jingle “Nationwide is on your side.” “Chicken parm, you taste so good,” is one of them. The brilliance of the jingle is you know right away what company the ad is about. That is advertising at its best.

When you go to Nationwide online, you see Peyton Manning right away and can see the commercial again, as he has partnered with the company. There are also pullout quotes by the quarterback on Nationwide online. “I view myself as more than a football player,” he says on the homepage. “Nationwide is more than a business. “Together we can help people plan for the future and give back to the community, because Nationwide puts people first.”

So what does Nationwide Online offer, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of their insurance and other products? Let’s take a look.

When you first go to their website, you will see the Nationwide login, where you can register for an account. There is also a box in the upper right corner where you can get an auto insurance quote and find an insurance agent.

Also on Nationwide online are a number of product offerings. Click on the insurance tab, and you will see what they offer: vehicle, property, and life insurance. Under vehicle, they offer auto, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, RV, boat, personal watercraft, and scooter. One of the best advantages outlined on Nationwide Online is the vanishing deductible, where your deductible is reduced by $100 for every year of safe driving. Property insurance can be obtained for homeowners, renters, condo, and flood. Their life insurance offerings include term, whole, universal, and variable. Nationwide Online specialty insurance includes business, identity theft, personal umbrella, pet, accidental medical, specialty liabiity, travel, farm, wedding, and dental. An advantage is that they have some unique specialty insurance offerings and surety bonds, but a disadvantage is they don’t offer disability insurance or major medical insurance, even though they do offer student health insurance.

The retirement and investing portion of Nationwide Online showcases its offerings in annuities, life insurance, mutual funds and retirement plans. This section also provides information on to how to find and work with a financial planner, and information on various subjects including how health care costs can impact retirement income, when to take social security, and how to plan for retirement income. Members can go to the Nationwide login and invest in any number of mutual funds and learn about investment strategies. A nice advantage is that Nationwide online has a number of tools and analyzers to help make investment decisions.

Nationwide Online also has a nice array of banking services: checking, savings, CDs, money market, and IRAs. There are a number of different kinds of loans and lines of credit, and credit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards.

Members can go to Nationwide sign in to report a claim or check on the status of a claim through the Nationwide online Auto Watch feature. Auto Watch is definitely an advantage as it allows you to monitor your auto repairs online. Photos of your auto repair are updated daily, you can check on completion date, and correspond with your mechanic and ask questions. (This feature is not available in every state.)

One disadvantages of Nationwide insurance is that it can be some of the more expensive for two groups especially–married couples and seniors citizens. However, they recommend an annual review of customers’ policies–their “On Your Side” review–to explain coverage and to check on any new discounts that may apply. One advantage to Nationwide is their vast array of discounts available. They have 25 percent discounts for multi-plan and family plans; 15 percent discount for good students (Bs or better); 10 percent discounts for accident free for five years, farm bureau membership, defensive driving, and partner businesses and associations; $30 discount for paperless billing and EFT; and 5 percent discount for anti-theft device installation.

While the “On Your Side” theme runs throughout Nationwide Online and other promotional materials, apparently it does not always play out in practice. The complaint index is reportedly lower than national average, but customers have indicated that communication with agents and other representatives is not always the best, citing inconsistent answers to questions about policy and that records are not always updated in a consistent manner

Fortune 500 includes Nationwide Insurance as one of its top 100 companies, and it is very financially stable, which is definitely an advantage. Nationwide Online is also an easy to use website. There are also mobile applications that take you through the claims process.

Use Nationwide login or Nationwide express sign in to become a member and find out all of the other services and products that are offered.

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