AIG Insurance – Pros and Cons

The search for insurance can be time-consuming and fraught with pitfalls of misconceptions, half-truths and downright misinformation. AIG online takes some of the uncertainty out of searching for insurance. American International Group is 88 million customers strong, people from all walks of life and in search of all types of insurance. Since 1919, the year Cornelius Vander Starr established the first general insurance agency in Shanghai, to 1995 when they started AIG online, they have been a presence felt all through the insurance world. Now customers can use their AIG login to go online and check the status of their insurance, make changes to their policies and sign up for more coverage.

AIG sign in tips

What do you do with your new AIG online sign in page? With the new and improved self-service capabilities, signing into your AIG online account is a breeze. Simply enter your User ID and Password in the appropriate boxes on the myAIG homepage. If you have trouble remembering your password, there are a few ways to jar your memory. First, your AIG login password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one number. The number cannot be located at the beginning or end of your password, however. In addition, once you have created an AIG login and password, you should note the date of creation in a safe place. Every 90 days you will be automatically prompted to change your password. This is for the security of your account and should be properly utilized when it is time.

Providing an Overabundance of Insurance Choices at AIG online

Visiting the AIG sign in page will show you the wide variety of insurance options available to consumers. One of their main offerings is Accidental death and dismemberment coverage. This insurance is open to any U.S. citizen or legal resident between the ages of 18-80 without the hassle of medical forms or needles. An AD&D policy covers accidental death whether it takes place at home or work. Living benefits are provided as an additional benefit that cover medical expenses in the event of paralysis, amputation or blindness.

Life Insurance: AIG online offers one of the most expansive selection of life insurance policies available, and with more than six million potential life insurance customers, business is booming. AIG online offers four main types of life insurance. Term insurance is accumulated over a period of 10-30 years. Universal and Permanent insurance is a lifetime coverage option and offer the opportunity to choose either a variable premium or one that remains fixed throughout the term of the policy.

Tackling Other insurance choices with AIG online

While most visit the AIG online sign in as life insurance or Accidental Death & Dismemberment customer, AIG online offers a variety of other financial and insurance services. They provide annuity insurance for those who are preparing to retire in order to help retirees manage their money. For high-end household items AIG online offers property insurance and warranty coverage. Finally, they sell travel insurance for the one who knows all too well the dangers inherent in traveling.

Pros and Cons of AIG Insurance direct over other Insurance Companies

AIG has been an insurance force for almost a century. In that time they have proven to have a quality product and excellent customer service. While every business attracts a certain clientele to their product, American International Group has done well to create a wide customer base. This is due in part to their almost endless selection of insurance policies to choose from. AIG online has life insurance, death and dismemberment insurance, and even coverage to go in the form of travel insurance. Their wide Internet presence means that it is often easy to find information on a policy or sign up for a new plan. The AIG sign in online is for business owners who need to manage their employees’ policies and individuals who want to check out their billing and quote history or request service. The AIG express sign in allows customers to sign in using their email address and a password provided to them at the time they signed up for the policy. AIG online also has a site dedicated RiskTool Advantage; it is perfect for the small business owner to manage safety training, accident records and other risky activities.

Due to their wide variety of available plans and by the strength of their established name , customers are attracted to AIG online. Most people agree that plans are affordable and approval time is quick. But their large size can also result in a sense of feeling unimportant in a sea of policies. And with 64,000 employees, customers may have a hard time forming a connection with one or two agents but are often cycled among a number of employees.

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